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Lake Placid Summit Classic

Onward And Upward >>

Upon pulling the plug on our final contingency plan to operate just a portion of the 31st Summit Classic, the sense of defeat was hard to ignore. It just hurt. From a point in early April, when we really started to understand the magnitude of the virus, a flame lit inside our team to do everything possible in our power to host the Lake Placid Summit Classic. Sure, a portion of the spark was related to the significant financial consequence for our small team of not operating at all, but the real gas was based on the simple belief that we could offer a space of hope, an opportunity to 'forget' the daily hardships, and provide some normalcy for our lacrosse family. More than ever, we believed everyone 'needed' Placid. We gave it all that we could, day in and day out for 5 months, but it wasn't in the cards.

There was a silver lining.

During the 5 month grind leading up to the scheduled event dates, we were able to correspond and communicate often with so many of our participants and push our relationships to new boundaries. Each and every person rallying around the hope of playing our game, in our place. There was a unique authenticity to the alignment and there was an undeniable sense of unity.

Pondering that thought, it's really the unity that makes the Lake Placid Summit Classic so special to us, and hopefully to you, too. I believe that when we all enter that invisible bubble in Lake Placid during the tournament, the camaraderie, competition and respect beams from each and every person and creates a truly special unity. Positive attitudes. Extra bounce in the step. Everyone just seems really happy, all at the same time. It's our collective HAPPY PLACE. 

I want to reassure you that it's still there, waiting patiently for us to bring it to life again. It can't come soon enough. 

We'll see you in August for what will certainly be the BEST Placid ever.

Onward and Upward!

- Kevin Leveille, Event Director and Son of the Lake Placid Summit Classic

We'll See you in August. PLACID IS BACK IN...


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Kevin Leveille

Kevin Leveille

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